API Introduction

Our API is a poweful tool for 3Cols apps and integrations. All our endpoints are documented on this site under "API" in the sitebar.

Getting your API key

  • Sign in to 3Cols
  • Navigate to your account page
  • Click the green enable button under the API heading
  • Use the blue eye button to reveal your API key
  • If at any point you require a new key, the orange regenerate button will generate a new key and invalidate your old key. If you want to disable the API altogether the red disable button will wipe the key from your account and no-longer allow API access

Authenticating Requests ⚠️

3Cols uses API keys to authenticate its API. To authenticate your request with your API key, set the x-api-key header value to your API key.

Rate Limit

30 requests per minute by default. If you need to make more requests, please contact us at: support@3cols.com.

Nuget Package

Try our Nuget package supporting all available objects and endpoints used by the API. For a usage example see the GitHub Repository.